About us

A friendly health and supplement store with sports nutrition to support the way you like to move and train. Delicious shake bar and coffee too

Anthony Hopkins / Hopper/Hop …however you know him he’s been on the coast since forever (insert age here lol). He’s trained at every gym so if you dont know him personally you might know his face…or bicep ;p.

He’s been a sports nutrition rep working for Musashi, Bodyscience and Optimum Nutrition/BSN over the past 9 years and has got to work with some of the best athletes in all different sports learning sports specific diets and supplementation.

Anthony also got to learn from fantastic Biochemist Greg Taylor who has taught him even more about how proteins/aminos and other products actually work in the body and how the smallest tweak with a certain amino or ingredient can increase benefits exponentially.

If there is anything you need to know about supplements, Anthony will be able to help you.

My name is Bec and I’m a qualified Kinesiologist and a Zumba instructor and have been doing some sort of movement (I like to change it up) since I was 16 (a really long time ;p)

I have done my Barista course and am the one you come to for a cuppa, a shake, a chat and something delicious to munch on. I have some of Anthony’s knowledge just from hearing it every day for 10 years from him and from trying lots of products over the years. Anything I can help you with I will

Our theory is any movement that makes you happy and feeling good is the best movement for you. If there is nutrition to help you do it better we want to help you discover what that is for your body.

Come in and see us we are looking forward to meeting you and learning about how you like to move