How You WIN

Ok, this is the good bit.
For our fitness challenge there are two prizes of $500 in each division – Male and Female for the Intermediate division and $500 each for the male and female winners in the Advanced division. There are 2 x $500 prizes of vitamins, supplements and apparel for the most improved, 1 in each division There is a bonus $1000 to be won across all three challenges as a viewer’s choice award from facebook and instagram.

The intermediate
is a timed test of number of
Pushups on toes in 2 minutes
Squats in 2 minutes
Lunges in 2 minutes
Run in 2 minutes
Fast walk in 2minutes
Burpees in 2 minutes
Jump rope in 2 minutes.

For the Advanced: all 2 mins
Row – distance measure -
Run – distance measure
Burpee - count
Box Jump - height
Running Plank - count
Assault bike - calorie count
Hanging tuck ups -count
Ball slam - count
Explosive push up - count

You must keep your form on each movement . If you lose form that one will be removed from the count. Each competitor must bring a person to video/time/count for them at the start and finish of the competition. We will notify you before the start of the challenge where to come to