How You WIN

Our next challenge starts Monday 6th August. The cut off date is the 30/7. Enter over the phone or in store. Our phone number is 0243064881, our address is 3/9 Tumbi Creek Rd, Berkeley Vale NSW. You can press enter below to fill out the form but you need to call us and pay over the phone or you will not be marked as paid. Once you've entered we will add you to our group forum where you will be updated regularly. We will have a weigh in session for you and also fill you in on where your first training session will be. There is an information night on the Monday 30th July at 6.30pm which will explain how everything will work and why we will be getting you to eat certain foods etc. The meal preps are not hard but the diet is. You WILL LOSE weight. The training is not hard, but the benefits you receive are worth the 1 hour on a Sunday. There are prizes to be won throughout the challenge and we will inform you of how to win. See you there!