Lose Weight

If losing weight or burning fat is your goal, check out the following products. These have been meticulously hand picked by Anthony to best support your goal. Start at the top with the ESSENTIAL must have product and if you are a more experienced trainer, work your way towards the bottom for RECOMMENDED and ADVANCED supplements.

ESSENTIAL: Carnitine and CLA

  • Protects your muscle and encourages your body to use fat as the main energy source.
  • Is non stimulant
  • Must have supplement for overall health as works on benefiting the heart and the brain as well.

ESSENTIAL: Fat Burners

  • Increase metabolism, fat burning, and energy
  • Suppress appetite
  • Faster way to lose weight than diet and exercise alone
  • Must have supplement for weight loss

RECOMMENDED: Weight Loss Protein Powders

  • You need protein in every meal to help you metabolism and to assist your body in burning fat.
  • Protein powders low in carbohydrate and sweeteners are ideal to assist in adding protein to your diet and as a snack replacement.

ADVANCED: Growth Hormone Boosters

  • Naturally and safely increase growth hormone
  • Assists with lean muscle building, fat loss, sleep, and recovery when combined with ESSENTIAL and RECOMMENDED supplements
  • Ideal for advanced level or senior trainers