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GAT JetFuse is a about as comprehensive as a pre workout formula can get. German American Technologies or GAT for short have long been known for formulas which focus on high quality ingredients and substantial doses. The JetFuse formula epitomizes that principle with 20.5g of key active ingredients which will tackle all facets of your workout to get you the best results possible. With four unique complexes of ingredients, JetFuse let’s your experience powerful workouts each and every time and helps to boost muscular performance in a variety of ways:

Powerful Pumps

GAT knows the importance of a good pump and JetFuse includes a wide variety of ingredients to help support better muscle cell volumisation. With carbs, creatine and other powerful pump enhancers such as citrulline and arginine, you’ll be feeling as though your skin is tearing by the end of the first few sets.

Laser Focus

A pump is nothing if you can’t sustain that level of intensity and focus over the entire duration of the workout. That’s why JetFuse includes a matrix of nootropic and cognitive enhancing ingredients along with endurance boosters to help you maximise training length. Boost focus with green tea, caffeine and tyrosine, whilst allowing beta alanine and betaine to sustain higher intensity, longer workouts.

Heightened Growth & Repair

To combat muscle breakdown processes during a heavy weights session, JetFuse includes a key collection of branched chain amino acids, the absolute building blocks and drivers of muscle growth. Stoke your protein synthesis engines and experience faster repair and recovery with glutamine, BCAAs and specially selected plant extracts such as Acai and Mangosteen.

Electrolytes Galore

To keep the muscles working at 110%, you need to promote optimum contractibility and muscle function. The inclusion of important electrolytes in JetFuse will help replace what is lost and allow you to maintain higher peak outputs longer. What does this mean? More power, better performance and better results.

Product Highlights

  • Powerful, well dosed pre workout formula
  • Long lasting muscle pumps from beginning to end of your workout
  • Smooth energy boosts without crashes and ultra stimulation
  • Support recovery, focus and performance



Blue Razz, Exotic fruit

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