N4674 Apo Compounds Fat burner

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APO Compounds N-4674 WEIGHT LOSS

APO Compounds N-4674 is a natural and effective cutting agent, endurance and performance enhancer. With the stimulation of fatty acid oxidation and the increase in cellular energy and endurance the reduction of excessive bodyfat can then be burned off as energy. An increase in energy output internally and externally leads to increase in calorie burning putting the ratio of calories in vs calories out in favour of burning body fat.
Key Response

Increasing the ability to reduce bodyfat
Improving recovery time which can lead to more frequent training
Improving the speed of which fatty acids are oxidised
Improving AMPK activation

Directions of Use

Take 2.3ml twice a day, taken 8 hours apart.

Stacking Options = Stack with CLEN-516 to create the WEIGHT LOSS STACK!

To Activate the SMEDDS, mix the recommended dose by stirring vigorously, shaking or blending in water, juice or any liquid. (liquid only, not the capsules).

Standard Cycle Time of the APO Products is 8-12 weeks and if you do feel some suppression or reduction of energy post use then the PCT products 23-T and 65-3H are an option.


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