NSC 4060 APO Compounds Muscle Building SMEDD

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APO Compounds NSC-4060 is a naturally derived compound. Products of this nature can be seen to be effective lean muscle builders that can aid in speeding up recovery and reducing the anti catabolic properties of dieting. With an increased ability to put the body into a calorie deficit and maintain or even build lean muscle mass NSC-4060 is suitable for those dieting or trying to achieve a lower body fat.
Key Response

Increasing strength and power
Improving recovery time which can lead to more frequent training
Improving the speed of muscle growth and muscle tissue recruitment
Improving focus and motivation with the accelerated muscle growth

Directions of Use

Take 2.3ml twice a day, taken 8 hours apart.

Stacking Options = Stack with 5A-699 to create the LEAN MUSCLE STACK!

To Activate the SMEDDS, mix the recommended dose by stirring vigorously, shaking or blending in water, juice or any liquid. (liquid only, not the capsules).

Standard Cycle Time of the APO Products is 8-12 weeks and if you do feel some suppression or reduction of energy post use then the PCT products 23-T and 65-3H are an option.


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