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Our next challenge starts Friday 6th March. The cut off date is Thursday the 5th. You can joing our challenge by calling and entering over the phone or come in store

Once you’ve entered we will add you to our group forum where you will be updated regularly. We will have a weigh in session for you on the Friday you need to book anytime between 5.30am and 6pm (it takes 10minutes to scan and photograph you). The scans are in our shop in a private room. Females with Bec and males have the option of Bec or Anthony to take your scans and photos. For your photos wear something comfortable i.e active wear. There is an information night on the Wednesday the 4th of March at 6.30pm which will explain how everything will work and why we will be getting you to eat certain foods etc. The meal preps are not hard but the diet is. You WILL LOSE weight. There are prizes to be won throughout the challenge and we will inform you of how to win. Do something that will change your life. See you there!